Daily Devotionals

September 9th, 2022

This week’s devotionals are written by hospice chaplain April Knoke and can be found in the YouVersion reading plan, “Out of Death’s Shadow.”

Read 1 Corinthians 15:12-18, Luke 8:15, Matthew 13:37. Luke 8:11


What is the meaning of the word resurrect? It means “to restore to life, revive the practice of, or bring new vigor to.” So, how does that apply to our study? We have talked extensively about dying to self and burying things; are we now going to resurrect them? No, the only thing that needs to be resurrected is the good that was suppressed before the dying process. Jesus’ resurrection left all sin and shame in the grave. 

That is the point. We are to leave the unwanted things buried and in the graveyard;  that way, the good that God has planted in us can shine. This is what I mean by resurrect. Let’s look back at planting. Here’s what’s happening when a seed goes into the ground: it sheds its protective coating and the seed pod bursts. The seed actually dies, in a sense. If this doesn’t happen, there is no germination and growth. The same thing happens with us. 

The reason to bury the bad is so we will break out of the natural and begin to grow spiritually. Of course, in order for growth to happen there is often pain, discomfort, and breaking away. If we dwell in this pain, we will miss the point and remain stagnant. At the same time, in order for this process to be complete, we must water the things in us that need to grow. We rely on the Holy Spirit to water, grow, and complete those things in us. As he does this, the flesh dies a slow death; meanwhile, we burst through the ground into the light of his love and mercy. All the while, we are budding the beautiful fruits of his word that he had originally planted in us.