Daily Devotionals

September 24th, 2022

Today’s Reading: Romans 5:6-11

As we’ve learned this week, God is trustworthy, kind and ready to walk with us through every circumstance if we choose to follow and learn from him. The rhythm of daily devotion helps us learn more about God’s good character as we navigate this broken world. We have an incredible hope in someone bigger, stronger and more fulfilling than anything in this world could offer. The more we recognize what a blessing it is to know and be known by God as our Father and Creator, the more our hearts overflow with gratitude and devotion to him.

Doubt and fear have been around for a long time, as learned on Day One. We are prone to experiencing these emotions and are not the only people who experience them. As we build a rhythm of daily devotion in our lives, the more we will see that the stories God chooses to share are full of broken people who found hope, joy and love far beyond what their human strength could muster. He doesn’t abandon us when our imperfections start to show. Diving into God’s Word daily, whether it’s one verse or a whole book, reveals more of his heart to us and helps us live a fulfilling life just like all of those people we read about in Scripture. 

As you use tools such as bible studies, journaling, prayer, and Sabbath, you can start to find practices that help you connect with God in a personal way that works for you. Seasons in your life may change and lead you to experience daily devotion differently, but God promises to always meet us right where we are and grow our faith. All it takes is our willingness to have faith and dedicate time to spend with him. We will all fall short more than once, but God’s invitations to get back up and try again never run out. 

Today’s reading in Romans 5 is a great reminder of God’s extravagant love for us. This passage shows why daily devotion is so much more life-giving and fulfilling than just another checklist squeezed into our busy lives. The author, the Apostle Paul, writes about how selfless and loving God is toward us as sinful people. We can rejoice in God through his son, Jesus, because we have been reconciled to him by Jesus’ sacrifice. Next week, we will discover what that means as we pray and find a relationship with God through communication with him.

What stood out to you most this week as you learned about a rhythm of daily devotion?

How has your view of God changed this week?

What is one thing you can do today to strengthen your time of devotion?