Daily Devotionals

October 25th, 2022

Read Psalm 126:2-3 NIV

Our mouths were filled with laughter,

    our tongues with songs of joy.

Then it was said among the nations,

    “The Lord has done great things for them.”

The Lord has done great things for us,

    and we are filled with joy.


There are a lot of things and ways that we celebrate. When scrolling through facebook and instagram on any given day you can find celebrations of weddings, anniversaries, births of new babies, birthdays, and graduations to name just a few. If you look hard enough you might even discover that today is National Greasy Food Day AND World Pasta Day! ( …and now you have plans for dinner! You can thank me later!) 

We like to celebrate things. Celebrations are about the joy we find in life. They set moments aside in our hearts and in our minds as special and help to mark the things and people in life that matter the most and have the most impact on us. That’s why most pictures taken at celebrations show faces with wide grins and people caught up in warm embraces. Celebrations are very physical and external representations of the joy we feel inside. 

As followers of Christ we have so much to be joyful about. And I’m not talking about World Pasta Day! We have a God who loves extravagantly and is wildy generous both in His provision and in His forgiveness. We have so much to celebrate that everyday should be a celebration of what He has done for us!

Here are some questions for the day – How are you doing at letting that joy for what God has done shine through you? Does it show up on your face? In your words? In your actions? If someone were to take a snapshot right now of your life – would they know it’s a celebration? Would they be able to look at you and say – “The Lord has done great things for them.”