Daily Devotionals

October 25th, 2021

Read Acts 18:18-19a

Paul stayed on in Corinth for some time. Then he left the brothers and sisters and sailed for Syria, accompanied by Priscilla and Aquila. Before he sailed, he had his hair cut off at Cenchreae because of a vow he had taken. They arrived at Ephesus, where Paul left Priscilla and Aquila. 

In today’s passage we begin to see that God had bigger plans for Priscilla and Aquila. When called upon, they left their home in Corinth to join Paul on his missionary journey.  They packed up their lives and headed out on a boat. Arriving in Ephesus, the second largest city in the Roman empire at the time, they decided to stay.  Paul continued on but Priscilla and Aquila’s work in Ephesus was just beginning.  

It seems that Priscilla and Aquila were up for whatever God wanted them to do…to go wherever He wanted them to go. Accompanying their friend and encouraging him along his journey was just part of God’s plan. 

Priscilla and Aquila were a spirit-filled couple who followed where God led. As we will see more in tomorrow’s reading, they set their roots down in Ephesus – serving, encouraging, and quietly leading the church there. 

God may not be calling you to pack up and move to another city, but maybe he is beginning to  give you a  heart to serve in a new way…people you never thought of serving before. It might be your very own neighborhood, or your workplace. Spend some time today in prayer asking God to show you places you might intentionally serve, encourage and lead others so that they might know the fullness of His love. And then…be willing to go! Be the church wherever He is calling you to go.