Daily Devotionals

October 13th, 2021

Read: Acts 9:39

Peter went with them, and when he arrived he was taken upstairs to the room. All the widows stood around him, crying and showing him the robes and other clothing that Dorcas had made while she was still with them.

Tabitha’s (or Dorcas’) legacy is in the response of the widows standing around her body as Peter enters. She had fulfilled the commandment that God had given His people throughout the Old and New Testaments: care for the widow and the orphan. Tabitha is a perfect example of how we can strive to BE the Church: to live in such a way that we are known for our kindness and good deeds, to die and be mourned by those we have loved and who love us, and to be remembered as Tabitha is: a disciple, “always doing good and helping the poor.”