Daily Devotionals

November 10th, 2023

Read Job 9:25

”My days go by faster than a runner, they fly away without my seeing any joy.”

Fall in upstate NY is so beautiful! The vibrant, rich colors of the leaves changing day by day are so breathtaking!  For a moment, imagine you are preparing to take a ride around your favorite lake in our Finger Lakes region.  And imagine that you have the option of a) cruising around the lake in a convertible with the top down leading to a nice Sunday stroll; or b) boarding the Amtrak Acela Express which is currently the fastest train running in the USA, zipping along at a top speed of 150 mph.  So, you choose.  Which mode of transportation would allow you the opportunity to take in all the beauty of the fall leaves as you travel around the lake? 

Now, I can imagine that a train ride would be pretty exciting too, but the reality is that the faster we move, the less time we have to enjoy life.  When we choose to slow down, we can take the time to enjoy a lot of things that we would miss at a faster pace. 

Today, take a deep breath and spend a few, quiet moments with God.  Ask Him to help you slow down your pace.  Ask Him to help you see the beauty and to take joy in all that is around you.