Daily Devotionals

March 5th, 2021

Daily Devotional

Read James 1:19-21 NIrV

My dear brothers and sisters, pay attention to what I say. Everyone should be quick to listen. But they should be slow to speak. They should be slow to get angry. Human anger doesn’t produce the holy life God wants. So get rid of everything that is sinful. Get rid of the evil that is all around us. Don’t be too proud to accept the word that is planted in you. It can save you.


So often I allow my pride to dictate the things that come out of my mouth. I get so stuck on what I want and what I feel entitled to express that I steam roll right over others in my relationships with my words. I half listen at best and I am quick to let others know just how wrong they are. Today I ask that you would grab ahold of my attention. Shift my focus so that my aim isn’t to be heard but to seek your presence in all my interactions. Continue to work in me, so that I am more like you.  Amen