Daily Devotionals

March 23rd, 2022

Read: Psalm 107:1 

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good and his love endures forever

For those of us who have or had a teenager, or were a teenager, you can relate to how difficult those years were. As a parent, we are trying to guide our children in a way that shows them how to make the best decisions for their lives. As a teenager, we are trying to convince our parents we are making the best decisions for our life. A few years back I received a card from my son thanking me for all I did for him while he was growing up. He knew it wasn’t easy all the time but recognized what I had done as a parent and wanted me to know he was thankful. It warmed my heart and gave me joy that my efforts had not gone unnoticed.  I think he felt a little joy in saying it too.

Much like my relationship with my son, God desires to hear from us. He delights when we notice what He has done for us. Still more, it brings him joy when we give Him thanks. We know that can be verbally done through prayer but there are additional ways we can show gratitude. Living our life according to God’s will by studying His word, serving others, giving, and forgiving. When we incorporate His will, we realize we not only brought joy to God, but we discover we are full of joy too.