Daily Devotionals

March 11th, 2023

Luke 18:27 TPT

Jesus responded, “What appears humanly impossible is more than possible with God. For God can do what man cannot.” 

Peter was one of the strongest, if not the strongest of Jesus’ apostles, In fact the name Peter in Greek means Rock. Of all of Jesus’s followers, one would think he would be the one who would stay by Jesus’ side when the Roman soldiers came to take Jesus to be crucified.

As the days of Jesus’s crucifixion drew close, the apostles and any other followers of Jesus were being hunted as “accomplices” to what the Pharisees determined to be crimes against the laws of Moses. Peter was certain he was ready to die with Jesus if caught and expressed just that to Jesus. But Jesus knew better, He said to him, “Peter, let me tell you something. Before the rooster crow’s tomorrow morning, you will deny three times that you even know me” (Luke 22:34).

I would think Jesus was hurt knowing one of His strongest, devoted apostles would deny he knew Him to save his own life. But that was not the case. Jesus wasn’t surprised by Peter’s response. In fact, He assured Peter that despite his impending denial, his faith would be renewed.

Imagine knowing you will be betrayed but having the confidence that the one who betrayed you will have remorse and you will forgive them. One may think only Jesus is capable of an act such as this, but we are called to do the same. By not forgiving, we continue to be a victim. All the animosity in the world will not imprison our offender, but rather keep us in captivity. Forgiveness can seem impossible but is absolutely possible with God. So, ask Him to help you release your captor from their offense and you will see your own chains break free.