Daily Devotionals

June 22nd, 2022

Read: Ecclesiastes 3:11 ERV 

God gave us the ability to think about his world, but we can never completely understand everything he does. And yet, he does everything at just the right time.

Are you someone who reads the last chapter of the book before the beginning of the book? I am not but I know several people who are. After reading the last chapter they then read the rest of the book. I often wonder why the rest of the book matters at that point?

We can be like that in life. We want to know how life turns out, especially when we are experiencing problems. In fact, God has placed eternity in our hearts so we have an innate desire for the future with Him, free of pain and suffering. Despite giving us that longing, He did not give us the ability to see the whole picture or understand why situations happen in our life. If we did, well, we would be God, wouldn’t we?

So we must trust His plan, whether we think it is good or bad. How do we do that? We trust Him because He gave us that glimpse of eternity. We know the end of the book, we know how the story ends. Life will not always be easy but He promised to never leave our side. When we accept that, our problems may become an opportunity to be used for greater good. It is then that we realize the rest of our life’s book will matter.