Daily Devotionals

December 30th, 2021

Context for this week’s devotionals can be found in the story of David and Mephibosheth. You can read the whole account here: 1 Samuel 20, 2 Samuel 4:4, 2 Samuel 9

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments. Deuteronomy 7:9 NIV

Merriam Webster defines ‘covenant’ as a formal and serious agreement or promise. A covenant is something that should not be taken lightly. But in a world when it seems there is not much loyalty in promises, we find it hard to trust anyone.

King David kept his promise to Jonathan. Despite all of the reasons in society at that time to not keep the covenant, he still did. His love for his friend and gratitude for what his friend did for him was so important! The only honorable thing to do was to make a promise and keep it.

We may have people in our lives who have made promises they never kept. In fact, I’m pretty sure we all do. However, there is one person we have in our life who will always keep His promise.

God loves us so much that He sacrificed His only son to wipe away our sins. It was that important to Him! He promises us eternal life with Him – at His table! All we have to do is accept it.

When we have experienced a life of disappointment because of others, it is understandable that we may question if God will keep His promise. The difference is “others” are human. They make mistakes, they disappoint, and sometimes they do not follow through on their promises. But God always will.. How do we know? He already did it – when Jesus died on the cross.

Now He waits, ever so patiently, for us to accept His promise. Interestingly enough, when we accept His promise, we find it easier to forgive others’ broken promises.