Daily Devotionals

April 21st, 2024

Read Psalm 38:4 NIV

My guilt has overwhelmed me

 like a burden too heavy to bear.

Sin is a heavy thing to carry.  Yet sometimes we wear it like we have to. It is as if sin is like an old coat that hangs in our closet and it’s the only thing we have to wear. But as we slip it over our body we find it has been soaked in cold water – wet and heavy, with pockets full of rocks, and still, we just can’t seem to take it off. 

We long to feel the warmth of the sun instead of the coldness that sinks into our core and we yearn to empty our pockets of the rocks and walk a little lighter, but the dampness persists and no matter how many times we try to drop those rocks our pockets remain full. 

We are often held captive by sin’s weight and yet we don’t need to be! Jesus offers a freedom like no one else can offer. As we begin this week, take some time to think about  the heavy things you carry. Ask God to help you slip your arms out of that old coat and leave it with Him to carry.  He can handle the weight – He never wanted you to wear it in the first place.