Daily Devotional

July 19, 2020

Read 2 Chronicles 7:14

Then if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, if they will pray and seek me and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from heaven. I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land.

Heavenly Father,

I am sorry for the times I have been untrue to the image of You that you have placed within me.  I come in boldness before you today to ask You to heal the hate and division among your people and I ask that You would begin with me. Reveal my true heart. Help me to surrender who I am to You, to shape me and mold me into who You have created me to be. Give me eyes to see others as You see them. Give me ears to listen to their hurting hearts and grant me great resolve to stand beside those who are not like me. Help me to search for ways to love like You do. Amen.

Is there a certain type of prejudice that is common in your heart, your family, your neighborhood, or your church?

How does the Gospel bring healing to matters of favoritism, prejudice, and partiality?

What will it look like for you to love as Jesus loved?

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